Who am I?

Hello! my online handle is cattimus. I am a 24 year old hobbyist software developer who hopes to become a professional. This is a place for me to show off my projects, give more in-depth documentation, and provide tutorials for obscure information I've picked up. This is my personal website that I've developed (mostly via editing text) to give myself a bit more online visibility.

What do I do?

What is my experience?

I started my journey in programming in 2011 at age 12 when I decided I wanted to make my own games. I didn't have the money nor resources to attend a private school to learn how to program, so I started learning on my own. It took me a few years and many projects to figure out what I was doing, but this approach really beat the concepts into me.

Ultimately I was never successful in making my own games from scratch, although I do still plan to keep trying! I am currently working on a game in my spare time which has thus far been titled "Untitled Meat Game". Ultimately what I earned from the experience of trying (and failing) to make my own games was a passion for programming and a drive to always keep learning. I continue to take on as many projects as I can to improve my skills and do more cool things.

Can I look at your projects?

Yes, I host most of my personal projects on my github page.
You can also find most of the more interesting projects on the projects page.

I'm looking for a job!

Do you own a tech company? I'm currently looking for employment!
If you have been sent to this page from a resume, please see the details on that document for more information on how to contact me.
If you have not arrived here from a resume, please do not contact me on any email address besides the ones listed on this website.